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what we do

We provide a range of tailored professional consultancy services, including evaluation, research and strategy development.

When you partner with us on a project we will seek to understand your specific context and purpose, and work with you to develop an approach that is specific to your needs and goals. This will include using methods, processes and tools that are fit for purpose, and developing reports and resources that are accessible and usable in real-world settings.

We value your experience and expertise, and we will work openly and collaboratively with you throughout every stage of the project to ensure we achieve your desired outcomes.

> research

We specialise in health and social research, including health systems, public policy and community-based research. We are skilled and experienced in designing and implementing qualitative and quantitative research projects, including data collection, analysis and report writing.

We provide end-to-end research services but can also focus just on the research activities for which you need support with (e.g. data collection). We can also identify or develop research tools, templates and resources that enable you to carry out your research projects independently.
Our research services include:

  • Environmental scans
  • Needs assessments and discussion papers
  • Policy reviews
  • Systematic and rapid literature reviews
  • Feasibility studies
  • Designing research protocols
  • Population studies (e.g. knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and practices)
  • Organisational research (e.g. workforce development)

> evaluation

We draw on our research and stakeholder engagement skills and expertise to deliver rigorous and ethical evaluations that contribute to the evidence base on health and social services, programs and policies. We will work with you to develop an evaluation approach that answers your questions of interest and meets your specific purpose. Our evaluation services include:

  • Development of evaluation frameworks and strategies
  • Development of logic models and theories of change
  • Program and service reviews
  • Impact and outcome evaluations
  • Process evaluations
  • Development of evaluation tools and resources (e.g. surveys)
  • Development of monitoring systems

> strategy and planning

We have experience developing strategies and plans in a range of contexts across the community, not-for-profit and government sectors. We can support the development of organisational and regional plans, including:

  • Business and strategic plans
  • Project, service and program plans
  • Population health and health promotion plans
  • Public health and wellbeing plans
  • Communications strategies
  • Business development plans and strategies
We can also support organisational and regional planning processes by facilitating the development of goals, objectives and key performance indicators.

> resource development

We develop accessible and practical resources that support organisations to deliver high quality services and program delivery. These include:

  • Toolkits and user guides
  • Program and service guidelines
  • Practice manuals
  • Communication products and materials
  • Training resources and materials

> health literacy assessments

We work with organisations to facilitate health literacy responsiveness self-assessments using the Org-HLR© Tool.

The Org-HLR© Tool is a quality improvement and planning tool that allows organisations to assess strengths and limitations of their health literacy practice. The assessment covers six areas of organisational performance:

  1. Leadership and culture
  2. Systems, processes and policies
  3. Access to services and programs
  4. Community engagement and partnerships
  5. Communication practices and standards
  6. Supporting the workforce
The results of the self-assessment can be used to inform a whole of organisation action plan or discreet quality improvement activities within specific services and programs.
Further information about the Org-HLR© can be found here.